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The Bradford Monk. Mystery. Legend. Who is he and where does he go?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Radio mention!

Now officially mentioned on The Pulse of West Yorkshire!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 34 years old now and I can remember him wandering around Bingley when I was a little kid, and as you mentioned he hasn't changed a bit.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Keith G. Darby said...

Although born and bred in Bradford, I now reside in Tennessee. Today, I was chatting to my American wife about my early life and what it was like growing up in Bradford. One of the subjects that came up was the fabled 'Monk'.

On the off-chance that he might have merited a mention somewhere on the Internet, I had a quick search and was astounded to find said 'Monk' now has his very own fan-site, so to speak.

I am now 40, but can clearly recall seeing the mysterious robed figure in Bradford when I was a child, almost certainly less than ten years of age.

Since that time, I must have caught sight of him dozens of times, the last time in Forster Square in October, 2006.

I can vividly recall him smiling and giving his trademark wave to me and a pal, whilst cycling on the lonely roads near Halifax in 1979 or 1980.

It seems that literally everybody in Bradford is aware of him and all say, without exception, that he never seems to age. Mind you, with all that wandering he must be as fit as a butcher's dog.

All manner of myths and legends surround the mysterious figure. Some claim that he is a wealthy man, but has renounced the material world; others that he perpetrated some heinous felony and is wandering in some sort of penance.

Where does he live? In the early 1980s, I heard that he lived in a cave. Somebody must know . . .

Where does he eat? How does he support himself? Has anybody ever actually spoken to him?

The mystery remains, but personally I kind of like that. The Monk is a symbol of continuity; Bradford has changed beyond recognition, but our eternal wanderer remains.

11:24 PM  

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