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The Bradford Monk. Mystery. Legend. Who is he and where does he go?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Viewer mail!

Just received an email from a John Hanslip of Shipley who says:
Hiya. Smart to see your website, i'm glad someone has taken the time to bring to light the mystery of 'the walking dude'. It's about time. Attached is the only photograph of him I ever managed. He's an elusive character and doesn't like to be photographed. His pictures usually end up blurred like UFO sightings as, as soon as he sees a camera he's off!
I have mixed feelings about him. On the dark side, he hates heavy metal fans (of which I am one, and a very proud one at that). He once set about my mate Toxic on Broadway in the early 90's. Something to do with his t-shirt. He also hangs around the shouting preachers in Bradford and gives them quiet support, and I personally think these shouting idiots should be sent to ... a very bad place. I basically don't get on with religious types.
HOWEVER, he is the walking dude, a Bradford legend. The plus sides are he brings a bit of eccentricity to the area but the most important thing is, he always has a smile and a wave for you. He just cheers you up when you see him because you think, yeah, there he is still going. All must be good in the world. Also, a normal bloke of his age must get intimidated by the abuse he gets. Kids these days are more inclined to throw bottles or beat him up never mind shout the most mind blowingly horrible things at this obvious religious figure... walking around Bradford. My dad who is sixty next year says he remembers him looking just the same, doing the same thing, when he (my dad) was in his early 20's.
Given the choice, should we throw him to the lions, or let the dude keep walking for the rest of his days.... I want to see the guy walking and giving out free smiles and waves, despite his religious stance, of which I care not. Go Luke Godwalker!!!

Thank you for the email John, and thanks for the image (posted below)
I too, can't help but warm to the positive outlook the guy has and can only imagine some of the things he has seen on his travels. It's a shame people feel the need to be abusive to him but i suppose that's all part of the unavoidability of human nature. We all have our own beliefs and we all have the same right to stand by them. I reckon the guy is a total inspiration to more people than he is an annoyance, therefore, long may he wander.

Radio mention!

Now officially mentioned on The Pulse of West Yorkshire!

Monk on the radio...

The Pulse Radio Station or more precisely, Steve and Jacqui this morning were talking about 'the mad monk' and we've discovered a few more things about this local hero. His name is John and he probably shouldn't be known as the 'Bradford' Monk anymore, as he is actually county wide! But he does live in the bradford area so i won't have to change the name of the site..
Anyway, if you've got owt to say about the happy monk or this site, please click 'comment' below! And if you have any pictures of you n 'im, please send them to me, here and I'll post them up here! Keep it bookmarked!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Question #1

What's he got in his neck wallet?

If you've ever seen the guy, you will know that he wears a long brown monk-type robe. Now, monks are not known for carrying around a load of stuff in their pockets but that certainly does not mean they're not well prepared in a boy scout-ish kinda way. If you look closely, you will notice he wears a little purse around his neck (in a 'snow rescue StBernard' kinda way). I reckon that in this wallet, he carries all the items he would need for a regular days tramping around town waving at people. Here is a list of items i think he may be containing in his wallet.

  • no money (obviously because he walks everywhere)
  • foot oil (for keeping those peds in top walking condition)
  • toothpaste & brush (for that eternal winning monk smile)
  • limes (for scurvy)
  • iPod (a monk's gotta have walking tunes)
  • sustinence (although what he eats, no-one knows yet)
  • spare leather (in case he gets a flat in one of his sandals)
  • signed photo of God
  • post-it notes
  • lucky monkey leg
  • no mobile (why call when you can pray direct)
  • robe freshener

Ok, ignore the fact i have listed, like, 10 things and his wallet is only the size of a small bag of Drum tobacco. I don't think the usual rules of physics (time and space) apply to him. Nick nack, paddie wack, this ol' monk's got the biggest sack
Do you have any other suggestions of what he might need to carry with him?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The first official 'BM'blog sighting

Image courtesy of Mr. J. Raynor, Bradford
We have reports from people's fathers saying that this guy has looked exactly the same for about 20 years... has he found the secret of eternal health or is there just an army of lookalikes? Who knows? The truth is out there.. somewhere. More info/pics as and when i get them...

The Bradford Monk.

He is a mystery. A legend.
But this blog intends to report sightings of this charismatic character, post spy photos and discuss theories of his existence.. and of course answer the most important question... where does he go?!?!
Please let me know of any sightings or info you have on this bloke and stay tuned for more...